Deploying rails app

In Ubuntu, Nginx, Passenger environment.

Guide Nginx Deployment Passenger Rails

Rate Limiting on Nginx

To prevent security attack, load attack and create a fair usage environment.

Snippet Nginx Config

Using a custom Domain Name for CloudFront CDN

For consistency, or white-listing, or other specific purposes.

Guide AWS DNS CloudFront

Using AWS CloudFront as your Content Delivery Network

To speed up content delivery and improve page loading time.

Article AWS CloudFront Optimization Rails

Setting up Sendy with Nginx

An alternative to Apache as taught in Sendy's Get Start.

Guide Sendy Nginx Setup

Using microdata schema to structure your web content

Search Engine and Crawler recognise the structure of your web content by reading the embedded microdata.

Article SEO Microdata Google

Log rotation and maintenance in Ubuntu

You do not want to keep all your logs in just 1 file and let it grows forever.

Guide Logging Maintenance Ubuntu

Setup rabbitmq service on Ubuntu

RabbitMQ is a message broker to manage your message's livecycle.

Guide RabbitMQ Setup Ubuntu

Setup Sidekiq on Ubuntu with upstart

Use sidekiq to performance background job

Guide Sidekiq Ubuntu

Hiding server identity and signature for Nginx and Passenger

Usually you do not want to expose what server you are using and its version number.

Snippet Security Nginx Passenger

Setup Nginx and Passenger on Ubuntu

For serving ruby on rails applications

Guide Ubuntu Nginx Passenger Setup

Setting up ruby on rails on Ubuntu

Ruby, Bundler, Rails, and Database

Guide Ruby Rails Setup Ubuntu

Configure rails app to share cookies across sub-domains

For sharing information such as sign-in session or preference

Snippet Cookies Rails

Enabling HSTS in Nginx

HSTS tells the client to use https only on a specific domain

Article SSL Nginx HSTS

Blocking malicious crawler in nginx

To stay safe and reduce unnecessary bandwidth usage

Guide Security Nginx Crawler Blacklist