Setting up ruby on rails on Ubuntu 18.04

2019 updated

Guide Ruby Rails Setup Ubuntu

Dynamically supply SMTP config in Rails

For multi-tenants system or user editable SMTP config

Snippet Rails ActionMailer SMTP

Get and set json type data on html form in Rails

Via Activerecord and form helper

Guide Rails JSON Form

Using Active Storage for API project

With AWS S3 as storage service provider

Guide Rails Active Storage S3 AWS

Rails API Authentication

None, Basic, Token and ApiKey Authentication

Snippet Rails Authentication API

Assets precompile fails because of insufficient memory

Fix it without buying more RAM

Error Rails Ubuntu

How to use yarn in Rails 5.1 to manage javascript dependencies?

Including steps to upgrade from older version of Rails

Guide Rails Javascript Yarn

Redis store integration steps

Rails cache store using Redis

Guide Rails Cache Redis

Rails url helper does not respect "relative_url_root" configuration in mailer

Specify relative url for mailer using script_name

Error Rails ActionMailer Config

Handling weekdays, weekends and public holidays

By using various built-in methods in Ruby and Rails

Snippet Ruby Rails Date Time

Deploy rails app using Capistrano

Capistrano is an useful deployment automation tool

Guide Rails Capistrano Deployment

Use rails 5.1 encrypted secrets

To protect production credentials even if they are committed into git

Guide Ruby Rails Secret Encryption

Reconstruct query string from request

For string compare or generate signature hash

Snippet Ruby Rails Controller

Making a Facebook Messenger Bot

A bot that do simple math calculation

Guide Rails Facebook API Chatbot

Making a simple Telegram Chatbot

Accepting text inputs and render simple response

Guide Rails Telegram API Chatbot