Development Logs

By: Calvin Chieng

Change php.ini and reload in MacOS

Via Homebrew

Snippet PHP MacOS Homebrew

Print Android Library dependency report

For debugging dependency issues

Snippet Android Gradle Dependency Library

Using multiple git identities on MacOS

For bitbucket

Guide Bitbucket MacOS Git

Generate dynamic content using Postman

Via Pre-Request Scripts

Guide Postman API Javascript

Setup Laravel Development Environment (MacOS)

Using PHPStorm IDE

Guide PHP Laravel PHPStorm MacOS

Install/Upgrade PHP in MacOS

Via homebrew

Snippet PHP MacOS Homebrew

Find USB device list on MacOS

Snippet USB MacOS

Upgrading MySQL server in MacOS

Change temporary password and recover data from old version

Guide Database MySQL MacOS

Configure bitbucket pipelines to use custom SSH private keys

Using Bitbucket repository variables

Guide Capistrano Pipelines Deployment OpenSSL Bitbucket

Setup sidekiq with systemd and capistrano integration

On Ubuntu 18.04

Guide Capistrano Deployment Ubuntu Sidekiq

Setting up and deploy Laravel, PHP 7.3 on Ubuntu

2019 Updated

Guide PHP Laravel Ubuntu Setup Deployment

Check signature of Android APK

Guide Android Security SDK

Setting up Nginx and Passenger on Ubuntu 18.04

2019 Updated

Guide Ubuntu Passenger Nginx Setup

Setting up ruby on rails on Ubuntu 18.04

2019 updated

Guide Ruby Rails Setup Ubuntu

Reconstruct RSA public key from exponent and modulus

Via ASN1 definition and OpenSSL

Guide OpenSSL Public Key