Setting up Nginx and Passenger on Ubuntu 18.04

2019 Updated

Guide Ubuntu Passenger Nginx Setup

Remove html extension and map URL to static html file in Nginx

Useful for serving static website

Guide Nginx Config

Add or remove domain to existing Letsencrypt's cert

For installation via certbot

Snippet Nginx Config SSL Letsencrypt

Adding CORS header for specific domains in Nginx

Snippet Nginx Config Security

Changing the passenger max process

Adjust to balance the performance vs. resources

Guide Ruby Passenger Nginx

Nginx 1.13.9+ HTTP/2 server push

To reduce round trip time (RTT)

Guide Nginx HTTP2 Performance

Letsencrypt "Invalid response" error during renewal due to http/https redirection

Make sure the authorization file can be accessed

Error Nginx SSL Letsencrypt

Deploying Laravel on Ubuntu

With PHP7, Nginx

Guide PHP7 Laravel Nginx Ubuntu Deployment

Basic NodeJs setup on Ubuntu 16.04

For production environment

Guide NodeJs NPM PM2 Nginx Setup

Upgrade to Nginx mainstream 1.11.0 to solve a few http2 related problem

Use Nginx 1.11.0 if you are using http2 feature extensively in your application

Error HTTP2 Nginx iOS AFNetworking

Deploy rails app in subdirectory

With nginx and passenger, you can easily deploy multiple apps each in their own folder

Guide Nginx Deployment Rails

Redirect www to non-www and http to https in nginx

Keep only 1 version of your page and redirect others to this version.

Guide Nginx Deployment SEO DNS

Deploying rails app

In Ubuntu, Nginx, Passenger environment.

Guide Nginx Deployment Passenger Rails

Rate Limiting on Nginx

To prevent security attack, load attack and create a fair usage environment.

Snippet Nginx Config

Setting up Sendy with Nginx

An alternative to Apache as taught in Sendy's Get Start.

Guide Sendy Nginx Setup