Password security

Article Password Security Fido

10 Common Rubocop Catches

Rubocop is a powerful static code analysis tool for Ruby Language

Article Ruby Rubocop Coding standard

Spark Java Web Framework

Extremely easy to setup, implement and deploy

Article Java Framework Spark

Exception and error handling in Ruby

Logging to file and Error reporting via Bugsnag

Article Ruby Exception Bugsnag Logging

Designing Android Icons

Rules and guidelines

Article Android Icons Design

Use preconnect & dns-prefetch hint

To minimize time spent on connection setup

Article Optimization Hint Performance

The usage of schema.rb

A guide on when you use migration and when do you load schema

Article Database Rails Migration

TLS SSL protocols and cipher suites

Provide the correct cipher suites with the correct protocols for smooth and secure HTTPS experience.

Article SSL Security TLS

Protect email address displayed on your page

To prevent email harvesters from obtaining them easily

Article Security Email

Using AWS CloudFront as your Content Delivery Network

To speed up content delivery and improve page loading time.

Article AWS CloudFront Optimization Rails

Using microdata schema to structure your web content

Search Engine and Crawler recognise the structure of your web content by reading the embedded microdata.

Article SEO Microdata Google

Enabling HSTS in Nginx

HSTS tells the client to use https only on a specific domain

Article SSL Nginx HSTS