Website security checks

Security headers, TLS/SSL

Snippet Security

nokogiri fails to build with libxml2 error

Snippet Nokogiri Ruby Gem

Library not loaded: 'libssl.1.1.dylib' for older mysql2 gem

Snippet MySQL Ruby Gem

Could not find 'ed25519' error when running Capistrano deploy

Snippet Capistrano Ruby Gem

Add platform to ruby application

Snippet Ruby Gem

Check server TLS protocol support

Snippet OpenSSL Security

Check connection to rubygems service

Snippet Ruby Gem

Change php.ini and reload in MacOS

Via Homebrew

Snippet PHP MacOS Homebrew

Print Android Library dependency report

For debugging dependency issues

Snippet Android Gradle Dependency Library

Install/Upgrade PHP in MacOS

Via homebrew

Snippet PHP MacOS Homebrew

Find USB device list on MacOS

Snippet USB MacOS

Add or remove domain to existing Letsencrypt's cert

For installation via certbot

Snippet Nginx Config SSL Letsencrypt

Adding CORS header for specific domains in Nginx

Snippet Nginx Config Security

Convert equirectangular panorama image into pannellum supported multi-resolution image

To support higher resolution 360 images on mobile device

Snippet Pannellum Panorama Image 360

Dynamically supply SMTP config in Rails

For multi-tenants system or user editable SMTP config

Snippet Rails ActionMailer SMTP