nokogiri fails to build with libxml2 error

Snippet Nokogiri Ruby Gem

Library not loaded: 'libssl.1.1.dylib' for older mysql2 gem

Snippet MySQL Ruby Gem

Could not find 'ed25519' error when running Capistrano deploy

Snippet Capistrano Ruby Gem

Add platform to ruby application

Snippet Ruby Gem

Check connection to rubygems service

Snippet Ruby Gem

Install ffi gem on MacOS Big Sur

An error occurred while installing ffi

Error Ruby Bundle Gem

Firebase Cloud Messaging invalid argument error when sending to more than 1000 devices

via Ruby FCM gem

Error FCM Google API Ruby

Setting up ruby on rails on Ubuntu 18.04

2019 updated

Guide Ruby Rails Setup Ubuntu

Changing the passenger max process

Adjust to balance the performance vs. resources

Guide Ruby Passenger Nginx

Install new version of Ruby via rbenv

For mac and homebrew & For ubuntu

Snippet Ruby rbenv

Integrate Google Sign-In

Using Google OAuth2 with Omniauth

Snippet Ruby Google Oauth2 Omniauth

Handling weekdays, weekends and public holidays

By using various built-in methods in Ruby and Rails

Snippet Ruby Rails Date Time

Define .ruby-version for all your app

To prevent wrong ruby version and gems being used in a multi-apps server

Error Ruby Version Passenger

False warning for Style/AndOr cop when used as chaining operation

"and" and "&&" does not always give equivalent result

Error Ruby Rubocop

Use rails 5.1 encrypted secrets

To protect production credentials even if they are committed into git

Guide Ruby Rails Secret Encryption