Install ffi gem on MacOS Big Sur

An error occurred while installing ffi

Error Ruby Bundle Gem

Make sure public facing URL has nil prove query string

Facebook and some browser auto convert empty query string to nil

Error Facebook

Firebase Cloud Messaging invalid argument error when sending to more than 1000 devices

via Ruby FCM gem

Error FCM Google API Ruby

Clean-up inodes 100% usage caused by linux headers

In ubuntu 16.04

Error Ubuntu Linux Storage

Assets precompile fails because of insufficient memory

Fix it without buying more RAM

Error Rails Ubuntu

Rails url helper does not respect "relative_url_root" configuration in mailer

Specify relative url for mailer using script_name

Error Rails ActionMailer Config

Letsencrypt "Invalid response" error during renewal due to http/https redirection

Make sure the authorization file can be accessed

Error Nginx SSL Letsencrypt

Define .ruby-version for all your app

To prevent wrong ruby version and gems being used in a multi-apps server

Error Ruby Version Passenger

False warning for Style/AndOr cop when used as chaining operation

"and" and "&&" does not always give equivalent result

Error Ruby Rubocop

Force HTTP header name lowercase

Walkaround for 3rd party server which is case-sensitive to HTTP header

Error Rails Httparty

Error installing mini_racer gem

In Ubuntu 12.04 or CentOS 6.x

Error Rails Bundle Gem

Whenever gem cron job bundle: command not found issue

Caused by path issue

Error Rails Cron job Crontab

Gradle build problem with unicode class and method name. Failed to read zip file OR Error converting bytecode to dex

Error Gradle Android Unicode Obfuscation

Removing links added when printing bootstrap pages

This only happens for bootstrap before version 4

Error Bootstrap 3 Print

Upgrade to Nginx mainstream 1.11.0 to solve a few http2 related problem

Use Nginx 1.11.0 if you are using http2 feature extensively in your application

Error HTTP2 Nginx iOS AFNetworking