How to upgrade Gradle in your Android project?

Gradle Distribution and Android Gradle Plugin

Guide Android Gradle Upgrade

Redis store integration steps

Rails cache store using Redis

Guide Rails Cache Redis

Deploy rails app using Capistrano

Capistrano is an useful deployment automation tool

Guide Rails Capistrano Deployment

Use rails 5.1 encrypted secrets

To protect production credentials even if they are committed into git

Guide Ruby Rails Secret Encryption

Making a Facebook Messenger Bot

A bot that do simple math calculation

Guide Rails Facebook API Chatbot

Making a simple Telegram Chatbot

Accepting text inputs and render simple response

Guide Rails Telegram API Chatbot

Implement and Verify Certificate Pinning in Android

With Android Nougat Security Config and Retrofit

Guide Android Security Retrofit SSL

Deploying Laravel on Ubuntu

With PHP7, Nginx

Guide PHP7 Laravel Nginx Ubuntu Deployment

Generate and validate request signature for HTTP APIs

To identify who is sending and the content received is what is intended to be sent.

Guide Rails API Signature

RSA public key encryption and private key decryption

With Ruby and Openssl

Guide Ruby OpenSSL Encryption Public Key

Basic NodeJs setup on Ubuntu 16.04

For production environment

Guide NodeJs NPM PM2 Nginx Setup

Upgrading to Google Invisible reCaptcha

For better User Experience

Guide reCaptcha Setup Google

Using delayed job in low demand system

Without using workers, but run periodically with much smaller frequency.

Guide Delayed Job Rails Cron job

Deploy rails app in subdirectory

With nginx and passenger, you can easily deploy multiple apps each in their own folder

Guide Nginx Deployment Rails

Redirect www to non-www and http to https in nginx

Keep only 1 version of your page and redirect others to this version.

Guide Nginx Deployment SEO DNS