(1) Check if the author has already done the migration to MavenCentral.

  • Add mavenCentral repository if it hasn't been added.
  • Comment out jcenter.
  • Perform a Gradle sync and observe errors.
repositories {

(2) You might notice some projects are already available in MavenCentral and some other projects could not be resolved.

(3) List down the unresolved projects, check if they have a newer version listed in MavenCentral. This is because the author might not migrate all version to MavenCentral. In this case, you might want to consider using the newer version.

(4) If you cannot use the newer version or the author has not migrate at all, you can use jitpack.

  • Copy the Github URL of the library.
  • Go to jitpack.io and paste the URL into search box.
  • Jitpack will search for available releases or tags.
  • Get the necessary version for your application.