CSA says 100%

Recently one of my client has a request to benchmark their application against CSA.

CSA refers to the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore, and the tool they developed is called the Internet Health Lookup Tool. It runs a collection of tests and gives a score between 0-100%, where 100% refers to full compliance.

I ran a scan for this website, and initially, I got a score of 79%. I have 2 major NCs.

  • There is no DNSSEC enabled for calvin.my
  • Nginx allows gzip compression

I decided to take this as a small challenge and see if I can close all the NCs. I then ran through the steps to enable DNSSEC signing, where I need to generate the necessary certs with my DNS provider and then submit it to MyNic. I also update the Nginx config to turn off gzip compression.

And now we have a 100% score. Woohoo!

And we are in the Hall of Fame too 🥳

AI Summary
gpt-4o-2024-05-13 2024-07-16 00:40:36
A client requested a benchmark against Singapore's Cyber Security Agency (CSA) using their Internet Health Lookup Tool. Initially scoring 79% due to DNSSEC and gzip compression issues, the author resolved the issues, achieving a 100% score and earning a spot in CSA's Hall of Fame.
Chrome On-device AI 2024-07-20 06:06:32

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