Android Studio Device Streaming

Android Studio Device Streaming is a service provided by Google, via Firebase. It allows developer to test their application on real devices, by streaming the screen of real devices into your Android Studio. The developer views a popup window just like an emulator, except it is from a real device in Firebase's device farm.

It is free to use for 120 minutes per project, per month, and $0.15 per additional minute.

How to enable the service?

1) Click the Firebase icon in the device manager tool window.

2) A screen like the one below shows. If you are using it for the first time, you will need to authorize it via Firebase.

3) Click on the Authorize Firebase link and follow the authorization flow by login using your Firebase account.

4) Then select the project that is associated with the application you intend to test.

5) Next, you will be able to see a list of available phone models. You can pick a few from the list, the profile will be added to your device manager.

6) You can now try to reserve a device. There will be a wait time until the device matching your selected profile is available.

7) The device is now ready for testing, you can build and run your application like usual. If your application takes a while to build, it is advisable to build first before reserving, as the time you are waiting for your build to complete is also billed.

8) By default, the device is reserved for a 15-minute slot. You can see the expiry time in the device manager.

9) You can request an extension. Or if you have done testing, you can wipe the data and return the device to stop the billing.


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Android Studio Device Streaming, provided via Firebase, allows developers to test applications on real devices by streaming their screens to Android Studio. It offers 120 free minutes per project monthly, with a cost of $0.15 per additional minute. The article explains the detailed steps to enable and use the service.
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